Blackstone Labs-PCT IV Post Cycle Therapy Tetraplexx

Price: $53.95


Black stone labs PCT IV

This particular Post Cycle Therapy Product (PCT) is one of the best on the market in terms of overall ingredients and effectiveness. This is due mainly to the dosages and compounds herin. Blackstone Labs has generated a large following quickly for one reason in particular. Their products WORK! And when were talking about PCT IV it is no exception to this. This is defenitely one of the most complete Post Cycles we have seen to hit the market yet. At first glance you will notice what most other PCTS Have as well, the following:

Androst 3,5-dien-7,17-dione 37.5mg *

Tribulus Terrestris 250mg *

Saw Palmetto 160mg *

Ostarine 12mg *


What really makes this product different is the fact that they have put Ostarine or in short "Osta" in the post cycle and this is a well known "bridge" or in between cycle product that is a non hormonal lean muscle mass stimulator. So this makes this product ideal to take between cycles, as well as obviously Post Cycle and ensure your body is able to recover back to its normal state and keep those hard aquired gains from your PH cycle.


Do I have to take this as a Post Cycle Therapy Product?

Absolutely not! The unique mix of Tribulus and Ostarine amongst other ingredients makes this product perfect to take as a standalone or stacked with something else if you prefer. Users will still see a nice amount of gains on this by itself.

So all in all Blackstone Labs PCT IV is a bit more expensive than most PCT products but as we explained above it justifies this with its overall ingredients and effectivness this is the most well rounded PCT on the market to date.